Press Release

Updates, Feeds, and More!

In January 2011, we announced on our Facebook page about an update to our website that many seem to like. It is true that you will not see these update if you use a desktop or laptop because the update was for mobile devices and smartphones. We have opened up our normal website to devices that can handle it, such as Blackberries and the iPhone, while still redirecting those that can not handle the full site to the slimmer mobile site. The change is due to the fact that we have updated our video gallery to use HTML5 technology when needed, making it viewable on the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Before, we were skeptical for the Apple products as a majority of our content is in fact flash base, which none of them support. For our photo gallery though, we regretably still have not converted them so it is still not functioning for Apple users.

We should mention that this update is not the only update we have done. For those who use our RSS Feed to get updates, we have done some changes to them. One change is that whenever possible, we will be putting photos into the feeds. Another change that many will notice is that the feeds will in fact be the entire article, instead of a portion of the full article. We decided to do this to make it more convenient to the viewers. The last change that will be seen on our feeds is that we will be updating it even more. We are planning on using the feeds not only to announce the press releases like we have done in the past but to also inform you of any updates we do to our photo gallery and video gallery.