Press Release

25,000 Hits in August 2010; News about the Website!

The last time we did an announcement like this, it was July 2008. Two years have passed and we have hit the next milestone in our website history.

Every website has certain milestones in it's lifetime. Some examples are first view, first international view, and many more. The last milestone we had was hitting the 10,000 views, which like stated above, was in July 2008. Two years later, we have achieve the next milestone, hitting 25,000 views. This was achieved on August 27, 2010. The reason why we are reporting it now is because we don't usually look at the numbers.

In other news, we have postponed some of the updates that was suppose to be done by the first week of September 2010. The reason behind this is because there are some ongoing problems with the updates. This is temporary and will hopefully be completed later this month. In the meantime, thanks for being patient.