Press Release

Llego Jesus Sold Out!

It was in 2003 when we released our first CD, Llego Jesus. It featured vocalist Merary Maldonado and musicians Nelson Maldonado, Juan Maldonado, Nelson Maldonado, Jr., Josue Maldonado, William Ortiz, and Ellison Tavico. All these members were the original members when we started this website.

Six years have past since then and with that, many changes have taken place within the group. We have gained more musicians and singers, as well as lost several of those original member. Yet, one thing has not changed, even with the introductions of "Vivire Solo Para Ti," we never stopped promoting "Llego Jesus."

Well, that ends today as we officially announce that we have sold all the original CD copies of "Llego Jesus." We may reproduce them in the future. If you still would like a copy of "Llego Jesus," we still have our cassette version still available.