Services and Pricing
Roca Inmovible offers a wide variety of services to meet the needs of your event. Below is a list of services that we offer.

Church Services Free (Depending on Location)
Includes: Church Services, Church Anniversaries, Outdoor Services, Baptisms, Funerals, and Campaigns

This is the most popular type of service we do. You either have the option of choosing only the musicians to perform at your event or have the entire band perform. If you opt for just the musicians, the musicians will be the background musicians for the entire event, unless otherwise stated on the form. If you opt for the entire band, everything stated for the musicians will be included and the band will have either the devotional or a special part. If needed, we can add our audio equipment for a service fee decided upon by our director. Although this is very rare, there may be an additional fee added for traveling expenses, depending on how far the event is and our director.

Special Occasions DJ - $300; Band - $450
Includes: Sweet 16's, Quinceañeras, Birthday Parties, Weddings, and Wedding Anniversaries

If your event is in this category, you either have the option of choosing to have the DJ or the entire band. If you opt for the DJ, the service will include our audio equipment and at least two of our members to DJ your service. Typically, the equipment includes a mixer, speakers, cd player, and at least one microphone. If you opt for the entire band, you will get everything stated for the DJ, plus typically 4 - 7 songs performed by the band. The musicians will also perform some instrumentals throughout the event and are available if one of your guest wants to sing.

Concerts Band $500

Concert will have the entire band perform for either a part of the program or with the other guest as background musicians. If needed, we will also provide our audio equipment for a fee decided by our director.